Investor’s Supervision

Providing investor’s supervision personnel, including supervision inspectors. Standard residential facilities require at least three inspectors :

­ construction – construction and finishing elements of the building,

­ installation, especially the water and sewage systems, central heating, air conditioning,

­ installation, especially electroenergetic and electric,

Depending on the copying degree of the realized object, it may be essential to hire additional inspectors of different specialities (e.g. teletechnical, road, water and sewage system in the scope of external networks …)


Project management

Preparation and realization, tendering and choosing constructors. Managing contract in terms of financial settlements with construction site constructors.  Serving the function of Substitute Investor.

Preparing the pre­ realization process

Acquiring architectural design studios for cooperation and inspection over the process of investment design process together with obtaining all the necessary administrative provisions and construction permits.